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We work alongside Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce to build incredible things for top companies and we're hiring! Not if. When. For us, adoption of the Cloud is inevitable, inspiring our motto ‘Not if. When’. Cloud Technology enables companies to become more agile in terms of their operations, frees them of infrastructure that is high maintenance and expensive, and allows them to focus their energy on their customers and developing an innovative service or product. We seek to provide a top quality service for our 200 customers and make the journey into the cloud enjoyable and exciting both for them and our employees. As a global cloud enabler we work with what we call ‘Cloud Ready’ Enterprise organisations across all industries. We enable them by providing the best Cloud Platform for their needs, and the best Enablement and Operational teams. We also partner with a number of independent companies providing Cloud Platform solutions such as security, financial optimisation and deep analytics. Our global team of cloud platform experts delivers complex cloud-based projects to huge enterprise clients like Audi, The Economist and Time Inc.











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You want to be part of a fast growing company where you can make your mark: We have doubled in size every seven months since we started. Our development business has grown from scratch to become a significant revenue stream in just a year. Development is set to grow faster than any other part of our business over the next year and we want smart people who can make that happen! You want interesting work: We have a wide range of projects with some of the biggest global brands. Our customers and their requirements are extremely varied. You want to be one step ahead: We work with some of the most exciting new technologies around. You can learn from the experts and our close partners building new solutions and helping to establish best-practice on the leading edge of tech. You want a relaxed environment: Our office is friendly, with a lot of banter and fun, and we try to make leeway for your commitments outside work. We appreciate that everyone is different, and everyone has something unique to add to the team. You want to make it happen: While we’re all generally up for a good time, we work hard towards producing tangible results that contribute to the company’s future.

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Audi, Channel 4, BP

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