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Equal Experts is a network of over 350 experienced software consultants. We deliver software that makes a real difference – for example, an open source platform that’s helping the Government save millions of taxpayer’s money – and our progress is swift. We’re dedicated to agile (but not slaves to it), keen on open source, and our teams release software early and often. In short, all the things that motivate great developers.











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We’re called Equal Experts for a reason. ‘Expert’ comes from the fact that we’ve prioritised extensive experience when recruiting – the typical EE consultant has 10 years’ experience or more. But now that we’ve grown, we have the opportunity to welcome a small number of less experienced developers – those who may not have the lengthy experience ­we’ve traditionally looked for, but who make up for it with talent and the ambition to learn as much as possible. And the ‘Equal’? Well, with so many experts, we’re able to remove a lot of the management layers and processes that can frustrate progress (and development teams!) in more traditional organisations. We work with a flat structure where everyone’s view is respected, so we’re no place for ego-driven people; great software is built by happy teams. If you’re the successful applicant for one of these roles, you’ll enjoy the same great working environment as everyone else at EE (check out our reviews on Glassdoor). You’ll contribute meaningfully to big, challenging projects. You’ll enjoy a great package of benefits, and you’ll get the chance to work with some of the best talent in the industry.

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02/Telefonica, HMRC, Camelot

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