About the company

Ferguson Hill is a British designer loudspeaker specialist. Founded in 2003 by former aeronautical engineer Tim Hill, the company arrived on the hi-fi and audio scene with the design, manufacture and launch of the ground-breaking FH001, the world’s first ever front loaded horn dipole loudspeaker. The independent UK company is recognised for its high end horn loaded loudspeakers and hi-fi components. Ferguson Hill now has a complete range of loudspeaker systems from the high end FH001 system, the FH007 desktop system and the FH009 home theatre system and now distributes to over 30 countries worldwide.




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Why work for us?

We are a relatively small but technologically interesting company. Anyone that works for us will be involved in interesting projects, developing new products, and bringing them into production. They would also maybe be involved with the organizing of Worldwide distribution, marketing such as shows, photo, TV and Film shoots, and connecting with our customers either directly or through social media.

Some of our clients

Our customers have included Steve Jobs and famous composer, James Horner. We have supplied hotel lounge sound systems to Burj al Arab Jumeirah and The Hilton Lisbon.

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