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Preloaded is a BAFTA-winning applied games studio, dedicated to making games with purpose. Re-known for their innovative approach, the London studio has gained an international reputation whilst working with a mix of broadcasters, museums, well-known brands, government organisations, charities and NGOs. Working at the forefront of applied games for client’s such as The Science Museum, McDonald’s, British Museum, Channel 4 and BBC, the studio uses games to deliver transformational goals (such as learning new skills, changing behaviour, diagnosing conditions and improving kinaesthetic and cognitive function). Founded in 2000, Preloaded continue to push the boundaries of innovation within the games-space and have a particular passion for touch-screens, motion controllers and Virtual Reality. The studio are currently focusing on moving games past entertainment and into the training, education and health sectors, taking complex requirements to produce games that are both substantial and fun. Preloaded became a part of Learning Technologies Group plc in 2014, becoming the games division of a steadily growing collection of specialist learning technology businesses.






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Preloaded’s multi-disciplinary team is built of the best creative talent in the industry. The studio houses talent from recent graduate to industry veteran and a collaborative approach to working encourages knowledge sharing across the business. The studio produces quality games and our team are proud to be creating them. Whether an employee is joining Preloaded from university, on a work placement or with years of experience under their belt, the team are encouraged push the boundaries of applied games each day. A new hire can expect to be challenged in a dynamic studio environment as we aim to cement our reputation as the world’s leading applied games studio. We are changing the perception of serious games and there is great opportunity for those interested in helping us to use the power of games to solve problems and change lives. Aside from making great games, we are also a great group of people. We have frequent drinks, lunches and team socials to celebrate our work and catch up on life outside of the Preloaded studio.

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