About the company

QAWorks were born out of an established large-scale testing organisation but as we’re such a cutting edge highly skilled bunch we broke away from that mainstream business to form a start up that develops intricate open source applications that test complex apps developed by some of the worlds leading brands such as the BBC, News Corp and BP. QAWorks are a start up, cutting edge software testing organisation like no other, with a focus on agile methods using Behaviour Driven Development processes and tools. We’ve been in business for 15 years which makes us the longest running UK based test consultancy. We’re well known as a technical testing company and we consider test automation, and performance testing among our key competencies. We predominantly focus on open source tooling, as this is the best way to support Agile delivery – one of our specialist areas. We work within Agile environments, helping organisations to undertake Agile transformations. Specifically, we specialize in introducing Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) where it is either in its infancy or has not yet been rolled out. This reduces cost, increases ROI, speeds up time to market, and increases overall quality.











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Why work for us?

• Opportunity to work with leading experts in the testing industry • As a consultancy, we can give you a broad overview of testing techniques / tools, across multiple businesses in many industries. • We work with household names in several industries, giving you the opportunity to experience working in top organisations • We’re at the cutting edge of open source tools and are specialists in BDD / Agile • Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) have a unique opportunity to work across testing and development rather than pigeon-holing themselves into one or the other • Constant training and mentoring as part of the QAWorks graduate program. • We would never put a consultant on site until they are ready and able to contribute and they will have the support of a strong team around them. • Longest running, means we know a lot about testing and tooling. • Small business feel – decisions can be made quickly and on merit, consultants are able to talk to senior technical people in the business without going through layers of bureaucracy.

Some of our clients

BP, News UK, Oxfam

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