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As one of the one of the largest performance marketing agencies in the world, it is our clients, our teams and our partners who help us outperform other agencies and serve the world’s top brands. We have more than 1,350 specialists in 60+ offices and 50+ markets worldwide. That’s local talent, delivered. More than 20 percent of our specialists worldwide focus on strategy, constantly seeking out ways to help clients market more effectively. We enable clients to find their next powerhouse customer acquisition channels while refining and optimizing the campaigns that already drive results. We approach every client engagement with this spirit, seeking to improve what’s already working and expand a brand’s success with new opportunities, cross-channel coordination, a significant understanding of key audiences and more. Within our EMEA operation we have 22+ languages and a broad range of talents to help us service clients with their performance marketing, from paid search advertising to content marketing. Resolution is the digital marketing agency on the forefront of media. Our services include: Analytics, Content, Social, Mobile, Feed Management, Performance Display, SEM, SEO, Video & Website Conversion Optimisation.






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Resolution prides itself on employing some of the smartest minds in the digital marketing world. Our people embrace the best of discovery marketing to keep clients ahead of the competition and engaged with their most important audiences. If you’re passionate about performance marketing and great at what you do, Resolution may be the place for you. We offer tremendous opportunities, with the chance to work with the world’s top brands. We invest in our people. Through Resolution University & our Res Talks programme, every Resolution employee completes a rigorous digital marketing training program that includes more than 50 hours of expert-led classroom training on topics ranging from data analytics to bid optimization and multi-touch attribution. This ensures a consistent approach and a baseline foundation of best practices for every Resolution employee, but the learning doesn’t stop there. Training continues on the job, thanks to Resolution’s stable of subject matter experts for all things digital.

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Intel, Monster, McDonalds

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