About the company

Shotglass Media is a digital media company creating innovative content and experiences for fans and brands including The Football Republic, FullTimeDevils, Chelsea Fans Channel, Blue Moon Rising TV and Spurred On; Munchies (with Vice Media); and award winning digital content around some of the biggest TV shows including Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor and The Apprentice. Shotglass Media sits alongside FremantleMedia UK labels Talkback, Thames, Retort, Boundless, Newman Street and Euston Films, developing new digital experiences for fans across the range of programming within the group. The company is headed up by MD Kat Hebden and is based in Central London.




Approx 30


Central London


General Call For Staff


Not Yet!

We’re hiring

We are always looking for new faces to join our team.

Why work for us?

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re always looking for great ideas and new talent. We have a very creative, multi-skilled team who you will inspire and get inspired by, and we’re growing. We get to create fantastic original digital content for all kinds of platforms and clients, for TV shows and brands.

Some of our clients

Skype (Football Republic), TalkTalk (The X Factor), Morrisons (Britain’s Got Talent)

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