Minimising insider risk, automatically controlling who can access what information

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71% of business users believe they have access to more information than they should. Businesses may have hundreds of staff, and hundreds of thousands of documents. Allowing or denying access for any given person to any given document depends on one of potentially millions of permission configurations. As businesses constantly evolve, the correct set of permissions is an impossible moving target. Every inaccuracy can be a person with access they shouldn’t have – the basis of insider security risk. Some of the most notorious information security breaches in modern times have been caused by this persistent issue. Torsion solves this problem with its powerful rules and classifications driven security engine. So simple to use, Torsion shifts responsibility for defining security rules to the business owners - who are close enough the information to understand how it should be secured. Permissions adapt automatically as the business changes.

“The cyber-security world is red-hot at the moment. This is a fantastic time to get involved in cyber-security, and the London’s vibrant IT startup community. Torsion is at a very exciting stage in our development!”

Peter Bradley, CEO

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