Frequently asked questions


  • Induction & Safety

    We take safety very seriously at Digital Summer Trip; when groups arrive they are given a warm induction from a DST team member (that covers site safety and responsibilities), introducing the exciting world of Digital Summer Trip.

    Attendance Overview:

    The Digital Summer Trip is an excvlusively ticketed event.
    All staff members at the Digital Summer Trip are CRB checked and accredited.
    A Safe and Happy Digital Summer Trip means:

    Ensuring you know where your nearest emergency exits are.
    Follow any instructions given by DST staff, security and police.
    Move away from any dangerous/antisocial behavior.
    Notify Security if you see any dangerous/antisocial behavior.
    Ask for help if you need assistance and be kind enough to help others.
    Stay calm - if you’re in distress, ask to be taken to the First Aid Room.
    Disabled Access Information
    Hackney Community College is a brand new college that has been designed with all students in mind. Digital Summer Trip welcomes all digital learners and experts this summer.

  • Is The Digital Summer Trip free?

    Digital Summer Trip is an exclusively ticketed event. Tickets are £5 in our early bird release, £10 thereafter. Tickets are available here

  • Is DST open to everyone?

    Digital Summer Trip is open on the 3rd - 5th July - to schools and students.

  • Where does Digital Summer Trip take place?

    The Digital Summer Trip is held at Hackney Community College in Tech City, East London (just minutes from Old Street tube station.) Full transport details can be found here

  • Will there be security at the Digital Summer Trip?

    Digital Summer Trip takes place at Hackney Community College - a safe and secure, gated environment. All attendees will be required to sign in before entering the premises. Security will be present on site to ensure the safety of Digital Summer Trip guests at all times.

  • What activities will be at The Digital Summer Trip?

    Digital Summer Trip will showcase over 100 exhibitors across the venue in different digital zones; encouraging attendees to choose their own adventure in real time. In addition to interactive and engaging exhibits across the DST campus, attendees will be free to check into workshops and presentations to learn new and exciting digital skills, and fill their Digital Summer Trip Passports along the way.

    For the most recent list of who is attending and what workshops are on offer, please visit our Workshops page

  • What is a ‘Digital Passport’?

    Each visitor to the Digital Summer Trip is given a digital passport (a record of achievement card) to complete - encouraging students (and their teachers) to get involved and take part in a variety of digital workshops run by our awesome exhibitors. At the completion of an activity, passports will be stamped to mark a student's achievement and attendance.

  • What should I bring with me to Digital Summer Trip?

    A willingness to get your hands dirty with digital!

    Catering will be available on site (School Canteen) but guests are also free to bring a packed lunch and drinks. There are numerous areas onsite where students are free to enjoy their lunch in between activities.

  • What do I do when I arrive at Digital Summer Trip?

    On arrival at Hackney Community College, attendees should make their way to the registration area where you will be given information about your induction to Digital Summer Trip.

  • What will I get when I check in to Digital Summer Trip?

    As part of your induction to Digital Summer Trip you will receive; a map of the venue, a bottle of water, information on The Digital Summer Trip schedule, a Digital Passport and entry pass to the venue.

  • What time do I need to arrive at Digital Summer Trip?

    Gates will open at 9am all days. Guests are advised to arrive promptly to make the most of the day, but be prepared for lines first thing in the morning.

  • Can I leave the site and come back?

    Due to security measures, once you have left the site you will not be able to re-enter on the same day. Teachers are reminded that the behavior and welfare of their students remains their responsibility throughout their visit to The Digital Summer Trip.

  • Can I reserve seats for specific workshops?

    There is no reserved seating in workshops or activities and attendance will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please do note that our workshops are on a rolling schedule so you are always welcome to come back if an activity is full at the time of your arrival. Workshop hosts will monitor timetables individually and student attendance will be at their discretion.

  • Is there anywhere to leave schoolbags/coats?

    Visitors are encouraged to carry as little as possible around the event with them – you will need both hands without a doubt!

    Should you need it, there will be a manned cloakroom facility onsite where Visitors can store bags and coats at a cost of £1 per item, per day. Please note, The Digital Summer Trip takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

  • Where can I drop off passengers and where can I park?

    Please see our PDF guide to dropping off passengers and parking here

    Digital Summer Trip reserves the right to remove from the event, any person engaging in violent or antisocial behavior. The consumption of alcohol or drugs onsite will not be tolerated. Authorities will be notified if anyone is found to be under the influence or in the possession of illegal substances.