Tim Peake Will Return to Outer Space

Wednesday 08 February 2017 TECHMIX NEWS

Hope Lowe

With an announcement just in that British Astronaut, and Techmix Magazine cover star, Tim Peake, is set to return to space, we ask: What is daily life like as an Astronaut?

The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable human-made satellite that orbits Earth between 205 - 270 miles above us – about the same distance as London to Paris. Life on board is mainly about conducting experiments, but living in zero gravity certainly isn’t easy. So just what is it like to live in space?

“You wake up in the morning, have a cup of tea, eat a bacon sandwich and get to work” – Tim Peake

Daily Schedule

Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, an astronaut’s day is mapped out on the computer. Monitored by mission control back on Earth, they race to work at the pace of the red line as it moves across the screen. Experiments change but lunch and two hours of exercise remain the same.

The daily schedule of ISS astronauts: A race to keep up with the red line.
Photo Credit: NASA


With ovens but no fridges, astronauts make their own meals but in a slightly different way. Spag-bol for dinner? Just add water. Scrambled eggs for breakfast? Add heat and water. Brownies? Ketchup? It’s all there. Meals are planned to ensure each astronaut gets the right nutrition for the extreme conditions.

Tim Peake's daily food supply.
Photo Credit: Tim Peake/Flickr


With 15.5 orbits in 24 hours, 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets, you can’t rely on the sun to tell you it’s night time. So, the ISS is set to GMT - a good split between US and Russian time – which means whatever time it is in London, that’s what time it is for the ISS astronauts.

The European Space Agency control room, Munich, Germany.
Photo Credit: ESA


When water doesn’t run, it sticks to your skin instead, showering suddenly becomes a little trickier. So instead, damp wash cloths are the best alternative. And of other bathroom hygiene, Tim’s only comment is “When going to the toilet, gravity is your friend”.

The toilet on board the ISS.
Photo Credit: Tim Peake/Flickr

Free time to be creative

Whilst in space, Tim found his creative side and a new passion for photography. He spent most of his spare moments in the Cupola, gazing out of its 7 windows and capturing breath-taking images like these.

Tim relaxing in the Cupola.
Photo Credit: Tim Peake/Flickr

Aruara Astralis, photographed by Tim on 12th June, 2016.
Photo Credit: Tim Peake/Flickr

England on St. George's Day. 23rd April, 2016.
Photo Credit: Tim Peake/Flickr


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